Software Engineer

Job responsibilities:

    1. Engaged in media processing of audio and video, image and other media, and developed relevant software for media communication products;
    2. Implementation and detailed design of project product software architecture, code preparation, unit testing, system testing, etc.;
    3. Improvement and maintenance of software code;
    4. Completed other r&d related work arranged by the department;

Job requirements:

    1. Master C/C++ development language;
    2. Proficient in the development test platform of Windows or Linux, with embedded programming experience, and proficient in using relevant software development tools;
    3. Computer, automation, embedded, electronic information, communication related specialists;
    4. Enthusiastic and active in work, strong in learning ability, with certain creativity, good communication and cooperation ability, able to bear certain pressure;
    5. Experience in audio and video codec, image transmission and media communication technology is preferred;
    6. Experience in relevant software development and media processing related software is preferred;
    7. Familiar with DVB protocol, MPEG TS protocol, network communication protocol is preferred;


    1. The salary is open, the outstanding person can interview;
    2. Project incentive;
    3. Equity incentive;
    4. Social security: pay five social insurance and one housing fund according to national regulations;
    5. Paid leave;

Post resume:

    1. Please send your resume to
    2. The resume is delivered as an attachment;
    3. Email and attached title: “name – major – education – school – job application”